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The Regimental Office of Interrogations

Is it a "war" toy?
No more so than chess or skittles (would anyone seriously ban Chess as a violent game?). Plus it teaches history, math, fine and large motor skill development, and stimulates the imagination and tactile senses, just to name a few sterling qualities. What you should be concerned about are the harmful effects of video games. A growing body of scientific study details the detrimental effects on children of TV and video games!
Will you make formations from other eras?
YES! As soon as funding permits a responsible venture, Regimental Colours will expand both ways on the timeline. Expect to see Collections from the Middle Ages, the Roman Empire (catapults and ballistas!), and others. If they fought in formation, it will be represented. Our new collections, coming soon, will be the American Revolution, Napoleonic Europe and new cannon models.
What are regimental colors?
The term “regimental colours” refers to the color of trim assigned to each regiment's uniform to distinguish it from other regiments. A regiment also carried a flag in its color, called simply its “colors”. Watching a battle from a hilltop, a general could tell what was happening by which colors were where. It was an early form of what is now called 'command and control'. Incidentally, a special 'color guard' of the bravest soldiers was given the honor of protecting the 'colors'.
Why is colors spelled funny?
Because that is the British spelling, which makes it sound rather old fashioned, just like these toys.
What is Solum Ludum Excelsior?
It's the Regimental Colours motto which is a quote from Joseph Chilton Pearce, "Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold."
What is the cost compared to buying a video game?
Suppose you spend $200 with Regimental Colours and $300 for a video console. The console will need upgrades and could become obsolete within a year. See attached document.
Do toy guns or cannons increase violence in children?
There are numerous studies that show that toy guns do not increase violence in children. Read this document that provides links to many of those studies.

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