Regimental Colours

wooden toy soldiers
Girl playing with toy cannon

The Regimental Bivouac

Inspired by H.G.Wells' books “Little Wars” and "Floor Games", these wooden toy soldiers and handmade, all-wood cannon evoke the panoply of color, rich texture, and elegant simplicity of antique toys.

Regimental Colours is a sole proprietorship, formed in 2008, in Sacramento, California. Everything you see here is designed, tested, built, and painted by a one-man operation. Well, there is help from family and friends. Pre- and teenaged nieces and nephews participated in the development. You will be amazed how readily the "computer generation" abandons its game controllers to lay hands on these tactile, simple toys. Parents especially can't seem to spectate for more than a few minutes before they're on their hands and knees, moving regiments, building forts, firing cannon!

New collections coming soon will include the American Revolution. Napoleonic Europe and new cannon models.

Wishing you many happy hours of imaginative play,

The Regimental Staff

Wooden Toy Soldiers
  • Handmade wooden toys with all non-toxic materials
  • Hardwood and water-based paint
  • Polished with beeswax
  • Avoid the harmful effects of TV and video games for your children
  • Educational, imaginative and fun!

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